“42nd Street “ as Dorothy Brock

Elaine Wallace 42nd street

“Annie”  as Miss Hannigan


“Fiddler on the roof”  as Golde 

elaine Loudon fiddler on the roof

“Miss Julie” with Stephen Rea Lyric      “The Garland Show” Edinburgh Fringe       “Torch Cabaret Theatre”  Kings Cross

Elaine Loudon 3

“Would the Real Judy Garland please….” Granada TV                                                    “The Boyfriend” as Mme Dubonnet

Elaine wallace Loudon 3

“Wallace & Delacey” Singing comedy duo

“The Boyfriend” as Mme Dubonnet

“Down and Out in Paris and London” Edinburgh Fringe

“Mitzi Wildebeest” Edinburgh Fringe

“Would the Real Judy Garland please….” Granada TV 

“Watch it All Come Down” “Big City Confidential” 

“Angels Descend on Paris” Albany Empire

Greenwich Young Peoples’ Theatre Company

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